How to Muscle Test Yourself for Supplements?

How to Muscle Test Yourself for Supplements?

You don’t need an expert if you follow techniques given in this “How to Muscle Test Yourself for Supplements?” guide!

Muscle testing, sometimes referred to as muscle monitoring, is quite a strange technique applied in medical studies by the practitioners for testing whether their patient is deficient in any supplement, nutrient, or multivitamin. It is not always reliable as the muscles can’t always respond to a particular stimulus multiple times.

Not only for testing your muscles regarding the supplements or multivitamins but you can also muscle test yourself for the daily things you are confused about. Or if you feel that something or someone can harm you and you want to keep yourself safe from it. For that, you muscle test yourself, and the way your body muscles respond, gives you the answer to your query.

Mainly, you ask a question, and your muscles respond in a particular way that eventually helps make a decision. That’s why you can’t always rely on it, because your every decision marks your progress in life. But here we are discussing supplements muscle tests to know whether your body needs it or not.

Basic Concept:

The basic concept behind a muscle test is action and reaction. You awake your muscles by a particular stimulus, and they respond or show a reply. Strong, weak, or no response by the muscles eventually solves your query.

Can we Perform Muscle Test Ourselves?

Yes, of course. Testing your body for a particular stimulus needs to hold a supplement in one hand. It means you will have to perform a muscle test with only one hand. However, you can also grab the supplement in your arm and then serve with two hands. We’ll show you both the techniques with one or both hands.

However, it is well-known in Kinesiology that a muscle test is much more effective if someone else performs it. You can approach a Kinesiology expert or anybody else who better understands your muscle movement.

Types of Muscle Testing Techniques:

Supplements muscle testing is termed Kinesiology. This field relies upon the responses muscles show and then acts accordingly. There are different homeopathic muscle testing techniques too, which people learn and apply in daily life to choose a supplement in which their body is deficient.

It means in our supplements muscle test; we’ll check for a particular supplement deficient in our body or not. Different methods show different responses and results. But how muscles act towards them is the primary goal of a muscle test.

Before moving to the first technique, start the process by asking your name. If you say your real name louder, muscles will remain strong, stiff, and contracted, and they won’t show any movement. If you tell a wrong name, they will get a weak and slight signal in whatever position they are and whichever technique you are applying. Asking your name will give you the idea of studying the behavior of your muscles.

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1. Testing With Your Fingers By Making “O” Shape

How to Muscle Test Yourself for Supplements?
How to Muscle Test Yourself for Supplements?

You’ll require both hands to perform this technique. So you can grab the bottle of the supplement in your arm. You can also take help from another person to hold the bottle near your heart or arm muscle.

  • Now make an “O” shape with your hand by combining your thumb and index tips. Take the other hand’s index finger and pass it through the “O” shape. Try to relax your mind and draw attention to the supplement in front of you. When the supplement touches your body, especially your heart or arm muscles, your body will react towards it accordingly.
  • Draw your muscles tight and try to break the circle with your index finger. If the index finger fails to break the loop and remains in its place, it means your body is already having enough reservoirs of the particular supplement or multivitamin and doesn’t need it.
  • But, if the muscles get weak for a second after touching the supplement and the circle breaks after exerting some pressure by the index finger, it shows that your body is deficient in that particular supplement and needs it.
  • If you put a specific amount of supplement or 1-2 capsules in your mouth, the muscles will stop showing the reflex, and the circle won’t break. By doing so, you can also get an idea of what amount of the supplement is necessary for the body.

In this way, you can test yourself for other supplements and check whether your body needs them or not. The slight weak relaxation of body muscles and circle breakage indicates that the body is asking you to take that supplement due to its deficiency.

How straightforward this method is! Now anyone can muscle test himself for supplements at home without any Kinesiology expert. Right!

2. Muscle Testing By Swaying Your Body

How to Muscle Test Yourself for Supplements?
How to Muscle Test Yourself for Supplements?

Swaying your body for muscle testing also uses muscles like the finger testing method. But it uses the muscles of your whole body rather than just fingers and arm muscles.

  • First, try to maintain a better position. Stand straight and keep some distance between your feet. Relax your body and mind. Now take a supplement bottle and place it in front of you. Now ask yourself a statement, “do I need this supplement?”
  • Notice your body’s movement. If it starts swaying or leaning forward towards the supplement, the answer is “Yes.”
  • If the body starts swaying backward, the answer is “No.”

Muscle testing by swaying your body can also be done with closed eyes.

  • Close your eyes and stand near an object which you can grab in case you lose your balance.
  • Grab the supplement in one hand and keep it near your heart or chest but don’t touch it with your body.
  • Now with closed eyes, try to be straight and focus on your query “whether you need this supplement or not?”
  • If your body starts leaning forward and touches the supplement, it indeed indicates that your body needs it.
  • But, if your body starts swaying backward, away from the supplement, the answer is “No,” and your body is not deficient in the particular supplement.

Finger Over Finger Test: One Hand Muscle Test

How to Muscle Test Yourself for Supplements?
How to Muscle Test Yourself for Supplements?

It is the simplest of all the procedures, and you can perform it by holding the supplement in your hand and monitoring your fingers’ movement.

  • Place your middle finger over your index finger and try to maintain equilibrium. You can use any hand.
  • Now grab the supplement, on the other hand, and ask yourself a question, Do I need this supplement?
  • Now monitor how your fingers respond.
  • The middle finger is exerting pressure on the index finger to bring it down, and the index finger is resisting the pressure to move up. It is an action and reaction phenomenon.
  • Now, what different movements indicate after grabbing the supplement.
  • If the middle finger succeeds in pushing the below finger down, it shows a positive response, and the body is saying “Yes.”
  • What if the fingers move upward? It shows a negative response, and the body has enough sources of the supplement and doesn’t need it.

How to Perform Muscle Testing On Someone Else?

How to Muscle Test Yourself for Supplements?
How to Muscle Test Yourself for Supplements?

Muscle testing someone else needs a lot of practice. Some people are pretty easy to monitor, while others need some time to know their muscle movements.

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The kinesiology expert uses the muscles of your arms to check the deficiency of a particular supplement in your body. He makes sure that your arm muscles are light so they can efficiently respond to the stress applied to them.

If you want to perform supplements muscle tests on someone else, you can use a muscle testing stick. Or use this method I have explained below.

  • Ask the person to lay down on a soft couch and relax his body and arms.
  • Now start the supplements muscle testing on him. Grab his arm in your hand and ask him to keep his muscles tight and contracted.
  • Now bring a bottle of supplements near his heart and monitor muscle movement.
  • If the muscles get weak and extension occurs at the ankle, it means it positively responds to the supplement.
  • If the muscles remain flexed and no bending takes place, it shows a body’s negative response towards the supplement.

The central concept behind this phenomenon is the electrical rhythmic capacity of the heart. The heart’s rhythmicity disturbs when a supplement deficient in the body is brought near to it.

Was this article helpful? Let us know by commenting down below. Also, if you have any other muscle testing questions, comment or email us. We’ll try to answer your query as early as possible.

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