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Tantra Massage Review: What Is It and Does It Work?

Tantra Massage review

This is complete Tantra Massage review and guide.

For ages, people look for different types of non-medical therapies and massages to achieve wellness. There are other massages such as aromatherapy massage, hot stone massage, trigger point massage, shiatsu massage, Thai massage, etc. Each of them offers different benefits, and people vouch for their effectiveness.

Tantra is a word of Sanskrit origin that means “woven together”. And tantra therapy is an ancient therapy that dates back to more than 5000 years in the 1st millennium CE. It originated from India and it is common among people who practice Buddhism and Hinduism.

The ancient tantra practices are a lot different from their present form. In their school of thought, “When an action or a thing, once completed, becomes beneficial in several matters to one person, or too many people, is known as Tantra.”

The modern form of tantra originated in Berlin, Germany, in 1877 by an occultist, yogi, philosopher, and businessman Pierre Bernard. He introduced the concept of tantra among English people, creating a false image linked to sexual practices.

What is a Tantra Massage?

Tantra Massage review
Tantra Massage review

In the beginning, we are presenting a tantra massage description. It will help you clear your concepts about this unique massage therapy.

In tantra massage is like any other massage. They apply the right amount of pressure on muscles to relieve pain and reduce stress.

But, it is also different from any other traditional massage.

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Tantric massage involves nudity, revealing your private parts, and often orgasm as well. It utilizes modern massage techniques with beneficial elements from bioenergetics, yoga, and sexual therapy. So, tantra therapy is more about cherishing your heightened sensuality and your body without being judgemental about it. The practice “weaves together” the state of mindfulness, spirituality, and sexuality. It incorporates eye contact, breathing, and meditation, unlike any other massage.

In today’s world, the tantra massage is a unique technique within neotantra. It is a modern western concept based on ancient Hindu beliefs.

First, the experts want us to realize that tantra massage is not the way to achieve orgasm. It has much more benefits to offer, including sacred practices that increase pleasure. And, of course, orgasmic potential as a pleasant by-product of tantric therapy. The message involves the flow of energy, referred to as the shakti-a Hindi word. The massage works to eliminate mental, physical, emotional, psychosomatic, and sexual blockages.

How Do You “Experience” Tantric Massage?

Tantra Massage review
Tantra Massage review

Tantric massage provides a lot of different experiences involving spirituality, sensuality, and sexuality. It allows you to feel different experiences within the body. Other thoughts emerge, and you feel different emotions throughout the massage. The gentle massage and touch with hot oil work to awaken erotic energy and it spreads all through the body.

It is advised to keep the environment peaceful and calm, with light music if you like. There should be no disturbance, no interruption. And there must be plenty of time to indulge in the pleasure tantric massage fully has to offer.

In general, the tantric massage involves the whole body that arouses the body sexually. Not all tantric massage involves genitals, but it is a thing usually offered in it. If you receive a message from a masseur, they will ask for your permission for a genital massage. Then they proceed to touch if you feel ready and comfortable.

As the level of relaxation through massage increases, sexual energy builds up; which is not forced out of the body in the brief climax; instead, it is circulated and moved around the body, where the body grows into phenomenal sensuality full-bodied orgasm. Experience is further enhanced by adding conscious breathing practices with the massage to increase the energy level.

Tantric Love Massage:

People usually name tantra massage as tantric love massage, as it is sexual yoga. Camilla Constance, a sex and intimacy coach, explains that tantric massage is a beautiful way to experience the tantric approach to sex, where it is not about the goal or outcome but about every moment of sensation and pleasure on the way. It is not about reproducing or penetrative action but about enjoying the sexual journey together.

When applying the concept to the bedroom love-making process, it is an entire mesmerizing experience to feel the sensations in the body. Experts say, ‘It’s about connecting completely with your partner. And then growing and moving this energy around, between and beyond your physical bodies. To connect with the energy in your body, you need to be deeply present with your body. The process also grows your emotional connection and longevity. It does not necessarily involve intercourse or genital contact, but couples may like to enjoy it together. Experience further enhances as eye contact and breathing gets engaged. And collectively, it uses all your senses of seeing, breathing, smelling, tasting, and touching.

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The massage between partners enables them to connect, be present around each other uniquely, build relaxation, love, and tranquility. It involves all the chakras with your partners and transfers energies to be a profoundly pleasing experience. Tantric massage enhances the pleasure that couples experience during intercourse. It surges the strength and potency of love-making in the long haul.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

How to Perform Tantric Massage?

Tantra Massage guide
Tantra Massage review

You can get a tantric massage from a masseur or perform it with your partner. However, if you are ready to serve it with yourself, here are some tips for you.

  • Set up a place with dim lights, mild fragrances with or without music. Every thing should be as per your preferences to create an environment for tantric massage. You can use aromatic candles for fresh scents and pleasant lighting.
  • Ask your partner to remove their clothing before starting the oil massage. Then, you can decide if you want to take off your clothes or not.
  • When starting, it is suggested to make eye contact for five minutes while synchronizing your breaths with your partner.
  • It is good to use natural oils such as jasmine or coconut oils to have a soft smell. Rub the oils in your hand until they are warm.
  • Start when your partner is lying on his stomach. Begin from the upper body areas such as the ear, neck, shoulders, and back.
  • After messaging these areas, flip the position and move your partner to his back. Noe massage the rest of the body. It includes the chest, stomach, arms, and legs.
  • In the last, start massaging the inner thighs moving up to the pubic area.
  • Move your hands all through your partner’s private parts, which may include breasts, vulva, butt, perineum, penis, and testicles.

Things To Remember:

  • It is always good to communicate with your partner. Ask your partner about how they feel. And if your partner feels arousal, focus on messaging that area to enhance the sexual experience.
  • Do not leave your partner if they orgasm. Instead, message slowly and help them to cool down. If your partner is not reaching orgasm, help them by messaging slowly until sexual energy decreases and they feel relaxed.
  • In a tantric massage, time and patience is the key to achieve sensual experience and connectivity. The message may take more than an hour, but we suggest you be slow and mindful of your partner. Keep asking about how they feel.
  • One important thing to mention here, it is not necessary to experience tantra with your partner. It can also be an individual practice where you feel more connected to your own body and mind. Hence you achieve a state of pleasure with yourself. In addition, performing techniques individually can offer the benefits of freeing the soul while expanding consciousness.

What are the Benefits of Tantra Massage?

Tantra Massage benefits
Tantra Massage review

Tantra therapy and massage have many benefits to offer for people who practice them. The benefits are not only for sex life but also for health and spirituality.

1.  Connect With Your Partner:

Tantra massage takes time. And in that time, you come close to your partner and learn about different ways to relax and please them. It is more than reaching orgasm. So, it helps you to connect with your partner in better ways.

2.  Improves Physical Health:

Tantra massage relaxes the muscles and balances the heart rate. It is also effective in controlling hypertension and muscle stiffness.

3.  Sexual Healing Powers:

Tantra massage has healing powers. It is equally pleasurable for individuals with sexual problems as it does not necessarily involve penetration. For example, women with vaginal insufficiency or male with erectile dysfunction or a short penis can enjoy it too.

4.  Improves Sensuality And Cognition:

You perform a tantric message in a calm, peaceful environment. Individuals use their eyes, breaths, touch, smell, and taste powers to achieve sensuality. So it helps them to improve their cognition.

5.  Helps Against Cancer:

Massages, like tantra massage, are non-pharmacological interventions that help in balancing bodily energies. In ancient beliefs, it is supposed that negative points of the body outgrow in cancers. So balancing energy reduces cancer risk.

6.  Try A New Form of Sex:

Tantric sex is a lot different than western sex. If you are tired of usual foreplay and orgasm-related sex, tantric sex offers many different experiences from your routine.

7.  Improves General Health:

Generally, hot oil massages help improve the circulation of oxygenated blood towards all vital organs. In return, they work better. In addition, tantric massages enhance the immune response and help the body to fight against infectious diseases.

8.  Improve mental health:

A study conducted in the past year concludes that partners’ body massages help improve mental health. The therapy helps to release stress and reduce depression.

9.  Improves Mind Activity:

Relaxation and sensuality assist in increasing mindfulness and achieve better mental clarity. It also helps to enhance focus powers.

10. Enhances the Release Of Endorphins:

In a tantric massage, the body gets relaxed. A hormone endorphin surges in relaxation. That helps to boost self-esteem, and takes away stress.

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Where Can I Get a Tantra Massage?

To answer this question, you should know if you are ready for the session or not. Are you prepared to ask for it, or are you prepared to have an experience with a professional masseur? Only you know where you can find your perfect healer.

It is possible to have a tantra massage at home. You can do it yourself; the process is known as tantric masturbation or with your partner at home. There are many tips available on the internet that help you to do it correctly.

If not, there are spas where professional tantric healers can provide a session of tantric therapy. However, selecting the right practitioner is crucial. Tantric massage is not a simple message. It involves emotional and physical vulnerability. So it is advisable to choose a practitioner you can trust.

One important thing to consider is that no government agency regulates tantric therapy spas or practitioners. Anyone can post a fake advertisement about providing healing services. So, it would be best if you learned about the practitioner before receiving a massage.

Final Verdict:

From the information provided above, we can conclude that tantric therapy and massages work to balance energy in the body. Furthermore, it interconnects the spirit, mind, and soul by relaxing the body. In tantric treatment, we do not aim to achieve the sexual orgasm. Instead, it includes spiritual concepts. It is not necessary to have a partner, and one can practice the massage individually as well.

We hope you like this Tantra Massage review! Let us know by commenting down below.

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