How To Get Free Supplements From Top Brands?

How To Get Free Supplements From Top Brands?

Read this post if you want to know “How To Get Free Supplements From Top Brands?”

Supplements are a requirement of every other person nowadays. They spend hundreds of dollars on buying health, fitness, skin, and bodybuilding supplements for them.

But before making holes in their pockets, customers always search for supplement samples to check if the particular supplement suits them or not.

Who doesn’t like freebies? We always look for an opportunity to avail these freebies from top brands. But did you know that you can also get freebies from top supplement brands?

Well, in this article, we’ll tell you 100% practical and authentic ways to get free supplements from top brands.

People buy bodybuilding and weight loss supplements every month. They cost them dollars which empties their pockets and disturbs their monthly budget. So supplement lovers always look for free bodybuilding supplements to try their taste and efficacy.

For buying a supplement as your daily workout supplement, it is necessary to try it first. The critical importance here is of taste and side effects. That’s why brands offer free muscle supplements to make their customers try and give them their valuable feedback.

It also helps customers check if a particular supplement is suitable for them or has good taste. Like some chocolate-flavored supplements taste like mud! So people want to give it a try first.

Why Companies Give Free Supplements To Their Customers:

Considering this as a marketing strategy, top brands offer free supplements to those who voluntarily try them and give them reviews.

It is a great marketing strategy as this can help the leading brands and companies to convert them into long-term customers. So companies provide free supplements for reviews mostly.

But how to get free supplements from companies and top manufacturers? It is easy but complex at the same time. Many top brands also give free trial supplements and occasional freebies to their customers.

It is a luck-based hunt because not all the brands offer free supplements trials nor consider each person approaching them.

But it is not that hard to get free supplements samples from them. The critical point regarding how to get free supplements is convincing the brands. If you can persuade them, then wait for your freebie to come to your doorway.

Just remember a few points while approaching them.

1. Be Courteous And Thankful While Approaching:

Brands welcome those customers who sound to them more courteous, thankful, and pleasant. Approach them with a friendly message, and they’ll surely respond with a welcoming heart.

If you sound more harsh or rude, there are fewer chances of you getting free supplements samples.

2. Use Friendly Tone:

Don’t start with sir or madam. Sound more friendly, confident, and welcoming. Companies don’t appreciate a begging tone. Try to be more civilized and helpful.

3. Tell Them You’ll Be Profitable For Them:

No company gives freebies with no available profit in the end. So try convincing them about how helpful you can be proved for them.

For instance, you can provide them with a shout-out on your Instagram page, Youtube channel, or Facebook page if you have some fan following. Or you can buy more supplements after trying the trial-free supplements.

Somehow, you can prove yourself a profitable investment for them so they can send you free supplements.

How To Get Free Supplements From Top Brands?
How To Get Free Supplements From Top Brands?

How To Get Free Supplements From Top Brands? 6 Practical Ways:

Here we present you six practical ways to get in touch with the companies to avail yourself of the opportunity of getting free supplements.

1.    Chat Box On Their Website:

The online chat box available on any website is one of the best ways to contact the product manufacturer. Here, you can also use them to get free supplements from top brands.

You have to open the chatbox and type a polite message to the owner of the brand. Brands and companies always welcome their customers who approach them with a good gesture. Ask for a free supplement sample or a freebie.

If they are giving freebies occasionally, it is a bright chance of you getting the free supplements. If they don’t, in such a case, you may be able to avail of the promo code for discount packages on different supplements or get a great deal like free shipping.

2.    Social Media Branches:

How to get free supplements by merely using social media sites?

Everyone knows this is an era of social media. Quite a large community is using it to contact anyone, make friends, get in touch with the world, and so are you. So why not using social media sites to avail free supplements from top brands?

As we know, all the leading brands in the world use social media. Moreover, they have fully functional Instagram and Facebook pages to get in touch with their customers where they announce any discount or freebie on their products.

Follow all your favorite supplement companies and brands on their social media accounts. Likewise, comment to let them know about your presence.

They always post about any new supplement they launched or any free supplement samples to their followers. They post about giveaways, new promotions, coupons, and freebies.

You can message them or participate in any activity to avail free supplement samples from these top brands.

3.    Email:

All the top brands and supplements companies have their registered emails through which they love to reach their customers. So you can get their email address at the bottom of the company’s website.

Email is a reliable way of communicating with a well-known manufacturer as social media sites may prove fake sometimes. Also, anyone can send a standard template for availing freebie. Moreover, Email is mobile-friendly as you can check your email any time on your phone.

Write a template Email, tell your name, address, and your liking for their products. Companies primarily respond within no time, so you don’t have to wait for too long. Also, you are not bound as you can reply to them when it suits you.

4.    Phone Number:

Phone number is another best way to contact a fully functional manufacturing company. It is a reliable way because you directly contact them and get a response immediately.

Brands never refuse to give free supplements if they don’t have any free giveaways at that time. They always note down your name and ask you to wait for starting their next promotion season or giveaways. Hence, all the supplement companies have their phone number on their website.

5.    Mail Box:

Sending a letter through mailbox is an effective and ineffective way at the same time, as this is not a common practice nowadays. Everyone tries to reach the company digitally, and the internet is regarded as the best business promotion site in this era.

Sending mail requires you to spend money, which makes it an ineffective way. But, your mail may get considered as not many people spend money and spare time writing and posting the mail.

It makes the company think that their products are valuable for you as you have spared your time and made an effort to get the free supplements sites. It seems incredible, right.

So if you have written a good mail, then surely wait for your supplements coming to your doorway. Also, physical mail carries your address to the manufacturer, which makes it easy for the brands to send you a surprise package of their company.

The surprise package can be their free supplements stack or coupon, which you can use to avail discount product packages. I also received one from a well-known brand.

6.    Contact Form:

Most of the companies give freebies to their regular followers. To maintain transparency, they want to fill a contact form from all of their users. The contact form is another effective way to reach well-known brands.

This contact form requires you to write your name, postal address, and provide social media sites link. It helps the brands to choose eligible and well-deserving candidates to avail their freebies and giveaways.

How To Get Free Supplements From Online Companies:

Many online supplement brands offer occasional giveaways and huge discounts on their products. Some of the current websites giving freebies are following. You can check out their websites and follow our above-listed points to get free supplement samples from them.

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Muscle Pharm:

MusclePharm.com is a brand of highly rated supplements. This company gives fantastic giveaways to its customers. The company provides free samples of all their new supplements.

You can contact them through the email address info@musclepharm.com and get information related to all their latest packages and giveaways.


This company provides free supplements through its social media accounts every month. You have to bear the shipping expenses, and yay, your free supplements stack is at your doorway.

There are currently two free supplements available on their official website. You can simply add them to your cart by paying the expense of shipping.

Tiger Fitness:

Tigerfitness.com has a separate page for their customers where they give freebies. How incredible it is! Simply follow their pages and visit their official website to know about free supplements available there.

Tigerfitness.com has freebies available for just a few supplements. You will get to know about them after checking the supplements list available for free.

Gaspari Nutrition:

Gaspari Nutrition is also a famous brand for giving free supplements to its customers. There is no social media page link on their website, which leaves us in a dilemma if they are present on social media or not.

But you can send them an email at samples@gasparinutrition.com to ask about free samples.


Suppz offers a range of free supplements. It provides free workout supplements, protein, weight loss, and energy supplements as well. Suppz.com offers up to 5 free supplements. You just have to pay the shipping cost.

Anabolic X:

Anabolic X is a renowned bodybuilding supplement. This brand sometimes offers free supplements also, which is a blessing for those who are thinking to try them. You can contact Anabolic X manufacturers on its official website for free supplements.

Steel Supplements:

This brand is famous for its protein and pre-workout supplements. Besides that, their website also offers complimentary websites, including protein powders, whey protein, and many bodybuilding supplements.

Contacting them through the steps mentioned earlier is an excellent chance to get free supplements.

Controlled Labs:

They accept free supplements request and give huge giveaways. You just need to fill the contact form provided on their website. If your information seems genuine to them, then wait for the surprise supplements stack to come to you.

GENEPRO Protein:

GenePro formulates a whey protein supplement for bodybuilders. Their whey protein is famous worldwide. Besides that, they have free whey protein to give their customers by filling a contact form available on their website.

The best part is, you don’t have to pay for shipping costs as well.

EFX Sports:

It is another brand that manufactures quality supplements for its buyers. Their supplements stack includes whey proteins, energy supplements, and protein-energy drinks.

They also give free supplement samples for which they announce on social media pages. Join them to get to know and avail about their giveaways and enjoy your free supplements.

Muscle And Strength:

They have a huge fan following among fitness enthusiasts. Their product list includes all the vital energy and protein supplements. For availing of free supplements, open their website and search for the supplements.

The plus point here is that searching for supplements is way easy than other brands’ websites. Simply search the supplements. Such a supplement which costs 0$ is undoubtedly a free supplement. You can simply add it to your cart with the choice of selecting flavors or servings.

In addition, get two free supplements for every order on their website.


Oxylife is a well-known brand for manufacturing weight loss supplements, multivitamins, protein and energy powders, and stress relieving supplements.

For freebies, regularly check their website as they announce there for free supplements in form of giveaways. Simply fill the information form given on their website to get enrolled for free supplements samples.

Final Verdict:

Check all the sites mentioned above for getting free supplements. It’s not a very hard job. It is possible when we practically implement it. Just remember the points I told you before and get free supplements within no time.

It is necessary to follow those companies from which you want to get freebies. Hence follow them on all sites and wait for their giveaways. Or you can write a sizzling Email to convince them to give you free supplements.

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