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What Supplements Should I Take?

What Supplements Should I Take?

Are you wondering “what supplements should i take?” Read to have your answer…

Diet is the best way to get vitamins and minerals that the body requires, but sometimes you might be lacking some areas.

Consuming a healthy and fresh diet can surely keep you away from medications and unnecessary supplements. But it is also a fact that all types of food do not contain all the essential nutrients.

To fill the gap, supplements play a constructive role. But it is necessary to ensure that you take the supplement along with a healthy diet. Supplements provide varieties of nutrients and essential minerals to provide the energy your body needs if you are working out hard or trying to meet your daily life activities.

You must be in a dilemma, “What supplements should I take to live a healthy life” Along with consuming supplements, there are other aspects you have to take care of sidewise. The first and foremost thing is your diet.

What Other Measures You can Take To Avoid Mineral Deficiency?

All the essential nutrients and minerals come from eating a diverse diet containing plant-based whole food mostly. The body’s energy level cannot be maintained if you keep consuming unhealthy and junk meals in your diet. So first thing first, along with the supplements you are taking, try consuming a healthy and balanced diet having plant-based whole food and the ketogenic diet.

Taking supplements is a popular way of treating illness naturally in the 21st century. Supplements work by providing our bodies the nutrients they need for proper functioning.

But with so many options of supplements on the market today, you may find it hard to know what the purpose of a specific supplement is and what does it treat? So, you’ll be left with the question, what supplements should I take as you don’t know which ones are worth taking.

Supplements are beneficial if you are heading towards a specific goal with your physician, dietician, or gym instructor. Here we provide you a list of 8 powerful and most effective supplements consumed worldwide to fulfill the body’s needs of almost all the micronutrients and vitamins. Anyone can consume them, along with some exceptional choices for women, bodybuilders, getting muscles, and losing weight.

1.   Multivitamins:

What Supplements Should I Take?
what supplements should i take?

Multivitamin is the best choice for fulfilling the body’s basic needs of vitamins if your regular food is not enough. Multivitamin is the best supplement to take for improving overall health. Although you should try hard every day to eat a balanced diet, it is also a good idea for women to take a multivitamin daily to ensure she is getting the full amount of micro and macronutrients for maintaining her overall health.

In addition to that, what are supplements should one take to lose weight? Multivitamins can surely play their part in losing the excessive weight of the body. Exercising regularly and eating balanced and low-calorie food can certainly help you lose weight. However, adding multivitamins to your routine will give you an edge to restore the nutrients your body is lacking while being on a restricted diet.

People taking multivitamins supplement in their diet have improved metabolism and effective functioning of various body organs, which in turn aid in weight loss. Consuming multivitamins can meet the daily needs of minerals, vitamins needed by the body. They regulate various functions of the body, decrease appetite, and lower body fat percentage, which in turn aids in weight loss.

How Multivitamins are being used for losing weight?

Vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, and B6 are an integral part of multivitamins. These vitamins play their role in digestion and regulating blood sugar levels. Having a proper digestive system will help you lose weight fast.

Researches, conducted in America, show that the food products we eat contain lower levels of essential minerals and vitamins during recent years. The major reason is soil depletion due to human activities.

A recent study, conducted by CDC, has shown that 90 million Americans are facing deficiency of Vitamin D, 16 million are deficient in Vitamin C, while 30 million have the deficiency of Vitamin B12. About more than half population of America is deficient in Vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, and folic acid.

What Supplements Should I Take?

A high-quality multivitamin is a basic need to maintain optimal health. If you are not currently taking a multivitamin in your diet and thinking what supplements should I take? Then multivitamin is the best choice as it will fill the gaps in your diet and provide your body with the necessary energy and nutrients it requires.

What are the Necessary Vitamins?

Before choosing a multivitamin, make sure it contains a variety of B vitamins, magnesium, calcium, zinc, and other vitamins like A, D, E, and K. It should also contain Iron specifically for women.

Here we are left with a basic question that what are the supplements to take for a woman? The most recommended vitamins for ladies are calcium, iron, and Vitamin D. All the mentioned nutrients can also be gained through the food and fruits you eat daily except Vitamin D.

1. Vitamin D:

Vitamin D, an important vitamin as well as a hormone, is involved in maintaining women’s reproductive health and a well-managed menstrual cycle.

Being in the sun for just 15 minutes can help increase the amount of Vitamin D in your body. Researches have shown that 88% of the population receives less than average levels of Vitamin D from the Sun. The major function of Vitamin D in the body is to make sure our body absorbs enough amount of calcium.

2. Calcium:

It is another important mineral for the human body to keep the bones healthy and strong. Calcium maintains the thyroid gland to function properly. The thyroid gland plays a pretty major role in women in regulating the menstrual cycle.


It is also an important supplement to consume for maintaining the overall health of the body. Iron plays a major role in the metabolism of the body. Vegetarians are at a higher risk of developing iron deficiency than non-vegetarians because plant-based iron sources are difficult to absorb by the human body. It can lead to iron deficiency, so the iron supplement is necessary to add to your multivitamin’s consumption routine.

Vitamin B12:

Vitamin B12 is another important nutrient. Its deficiency can lead to many hormonal changes. In recent years, its level in meat and soil has been decreasing, which were used to be the major sources of B12.

A high-quality and reliable multivitamin can help replenish minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients in the body that no longer make it into your diet. A multivitamin helps plan your schedule with your dietician, like which nutrients are necessary for you and what supplements you should take.

2.   Probiotics:

What Supplements Should I Take?
what supplements should i take?

Bacteria had always been considered bad. People find all the bacteria an evil that causes diseases and makes you feel sick. But in reality, it is just a myth. Not all types of bacteria are bad or harmful. In fact, in our gut, bacteria are considered a blessing that regulates the gut functions and keeps it healthy.

So it is necessary that bacteria in our gut are well-protected and nourished for their proper functioning. Antibiotics and detergents that we use today are dramatically dangerous for the health and well-being of “beneficial bacteria” It is essential to nourish gut bacteria properly. But how? Are there any supplements should take?

Our gut is also known as our “second brain” Gut health directly impacts the body’s immune system. Our mood, appetite, and sleep quality are also controlled and managed by the gut.

What could be the reasons for poor gut health, and what supplements should you take to solve this issue? Well! Having poor gut health can be the result of having a poor or insufficient diet, overconsumption of alcohol, and depression.

That’s where probiotics can help. Probiotics are famous as the best supplements for maintaining the overall health of the gut. Our body digests and absorbs nutrients through the gut. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that promote a healthy gut. It promotes better nutrient absorption and supports the body’s ability to absorb minerals and nutrients. Probiotics also protect the immune system.

What Supplements Should I Take?
what supplements should i take?

How Probiotics Manage Immunity?

Probiotic is the best supplement you should take to keep a balance between the “good” and the “bad” bacteria in the gut which is important for maintaining optimal health. If the gut faces any bacterial imbalance, it can lead the body to severe nutrient deficiency. Probiotics can help the gut maintaining its function, soothing inflammation, and losing excessive weight. Also, this supplement helps maintain the accurate population of the right bacteria in the gut.

Probiotics tend to play a constructive role among immunologists and also have gained the attention of consumers, researchers, and manufacturers. Around 12% of U.S adult supplementary users reported taking probiotics, making it ranked third in terms of specialty supplements. According to the Nutrition Business Journal, sales of probiotics in the United States stood at 1.14 billion U.S. dollars in 2014 and are forecasted to almost double by 2019.

3.   Fish Oil:

What Supplements Should I Take?
what supplements should i take?

Inflammation in our body is often the root of all diseases. To relieve inflammation, what supplements should I take? Omega-3 fatty acid present in fish oil helps reduce inflammation and promotes healthy cell growth and development.

These Omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial for the body for countless reasons and benefits and the main sources of Omega-3 are food and supplements.

They help to heal joint pain, any inflammation in them, and maintain their flexibility. Cholesterol level in the body is also much affected by Omega-3. So consuming Omega-3 can help lower levels of LDL and increase the level of HDL. HDL is the good cholesterol that keeps our arteries functional and clean.

Two major types of Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil are docosahexenoic acid(DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid(EPA). Both play their part in decreasing heart risks and enhancing normal cellular functioning. Studies also show that there is a clear improvement in neuromuscular movement and functioning with the regular use of Omega-3 fish oil supplements.

Why Our Body Needs Them?

An imbalance in the ratio of the fatty acids in the body can cause a disastrous situation. Our body needs two types of fatty acids: Omega-3 and Omega-6. While Omega-6 is much common in diet or food items, Omega-3 is rare to get. Fish oil supplements are the major and most important source of Omega-3 for the human body.

Sufficient levels of Omega-3 fatty acids maintain proper immune, muscular, skeletal, cardiovascular, digestive, and respiratory health. A typical supplement containing 500-900 grams of Omega-3 is capable to meet the daily needs of Omega-3 fatty acids of the body.

Research studies have shown that Omega-3 fatty acids play a useful part in regulating blood pressure, body weight, immune system, muscle, and joint health.

The membranes of our cells are typically fat-based. Omega-3 fatty acids help to keep the membranes and the cells healthy and functional. Cells play useful functioning while being in proper shape including brain cells and neurons that need to transmit impulses all the time. Muscle cells, WBCs, and cardio-muscles are also maximum practical. Omega-3 is the one-in-all unit for all types of cells for carrying out proper functioning.

Fish oil was the most commonly used non-vitamin, non-mineral dietary supplement in 2012, with almost 19 million users. It shows fish oil as a useful supplement to maintain overall health. Read the full column here.

What Supplements Should I Take?
what supplements should i take?

4.   Collagen:

What Supplements Should I Take?
what supplements should i take?

Collagen supplements are popular because of their anti-aging properties. Who doesn’t want to look young and beautiful? Crystal clear skin is a dream of everyone.

Joint pain is also a leading disease in mid-age. It makes the patient feel uncomfortable doing minor activities too. In such cases, these questions arise in everyone’s mind, what supplements should I take? What supplements will be worth it to improve my overall health?

Well! The most abundant protein of our body is “Collagen” It is an integral part of connective tissues making our skin, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It strengthens bones and gives the skin a perfect structure.

Collagen supplements are essential for our body as it becomes deficient and least-effective in collagen production naturally especially after the age of 30. We might experience saggy skin with wrinkles, joint aches, and constant headaches because collagen production starts decreasing in the mid-20s.

Hence, daily consumption of collagen supplements can help improve the overall health of the body. It improves skin health, relieves joint pains, builds muscle mass, reduces cellulite, prevents bone loss, and maintains youthfulness.

It plays a major role in strengthening skin, maintaining its elasticity, and keeping it hydrated. With age or might be a poor diet can cause wrinkles on the skin and make it dry and patchy. So collagen enough supplement one should take.

What Researches Indicate?

Research studies put forward this important information that taking a collagen supplement containing 2.5-5 grams of collagen protein for almost 8 weeks relieves dry skin issues and increases its flexibility compared to those who don’t consume it.

Several pieces of research also show its effectiveness in relieving joint pain and other joint disorders. Collagen helps maintain the elasticity of cartilage. Cartilage is something that surrounds and protects the joint. As you get older, collagen production in the body starts declining. It causes poor maintenance of cartilage which starts degenerating eventually heading towards intolerable joint pain.

Studies prove that taking collagen supplements helps to treat joint aches and many symptoms of osteoarthritis. One study shows that adults should take 2 grams of collagen in a day for almost 70 days. This diet plan will help relieve joint pain, and a patient can feel viewable results.

5.   Multigrain Drinks:

What Supplements Should I Take?
what supplements should i take?

Multigrain drinks prove to be a great supplement to have in your breakfast to give your body a powerful boost in fiber and other micro and macronutrients. Hence boost in fiber and micronutrients help you stay fit and active throughout the day for daily life activities. It keeps you maintain enough nutrient and sugar level on the body which keeps you away from collapsing from appetite or a strict diet plan.

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If your body is lacking in maintaining high energy levels and you are wondering, for boosting energy level, what supplements should I take? In that case, Multigrain drinks prove to be an effective healthy start at initial. These drinks contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals, which help maintain the overall health of the body.

Multigrain drinks are made from all-natural safe and healthy whole grains. It also contains double antioxidant elements like lutein and zeaxanthin. Multigrain drinks prove to be a powerful balanced nutritional beverage, having rich amounts of calcium, iron, and protein. All these factors are good for body strengthening and maintaining bone health.

Supplements For Work-out:

What supplements should I take as a pre-workout beverage for boosting energy? Indeed Multigrain drinks are the best to be consumed as a pre or post-workout beverage. You can also check the ingredients of the drink you are consuming. Choose a product, which contains a variety of whole grains and avoid refined grains or grains with sugar listed as the first 3 ingredients on the ingredients chart.

Multigrain drinks energize your whole day with essential and balanced nutrients having the least calories. The presence of lutein and zeaxanthin maintains eye health and keeps the eyes away from chemicals, bacteria, or developing any kind of infection.

Multigrain drinks are also effective for maintaining heart health with beta-glucan. Other nutrients like phytonutrients and dietary fibers strengthen heart arteries and muscles and keep the heart in a healthy and functional state.

These drinks enhance body strength with all the essential amino acids. The presence of seaweed calcium helps strengthen bones and maintain them in a functional state.

what supplements should i take?

According to research, drinks containing whole grains are rich in vitamins, complex carbohydrates, and minerals. These B-vitamins and minerals facilitate metabolism and maintain high energy levels of the body. Read the full journal here.

A survey conducted in India in 2016 shows that hot cereals accounted for 14% of the health food while milk food drinks held the highest share of 61%. It shows everyone’s concern about using whole grain drinks as it maintains the highest energy levels throughout the day.

6.   Creatine:

What Supplements Should I Take?
what supplements should i take?

Are you fascinated by those bodybuilders you see in posters or TV ads and make you think what can you do to gain such a body? You must be thinking about what supplements they take for bodybuilding? And what supplements should I take for gaining muscles?

For this purpose, Creatine is a widely used supplement all across the globe. It enhances the strength and building of the muscles.

What Functions Does Creatine Perform:

Creatine performs many important functions in the body. Creatine is a substance that turns into creatine phosphate in the body which in turn helps make high amounts of ATP. ATP is the major source of energy for the body cells and muscle contractions.

When the creatine levels down, you can see a significant decline in energy level. Creatine supplements are best for gaining muscles and bodybuilding as they make the muscles strong and enhance the lean mass of the body.

What Supplements Should I Take?
what supplements should i take?

According to a meta-analysis published in the Journal of physiology, creatine is the most effective natural muscle building supplement in the market and this meta-analysis was not an ordinary study as it compared creatine with 250 other supplements for muscle growth. Researchers found that creatine had the most significant impact on muscle mass.

Creatine helps you give more energy and improve the performance during heavy workouts, especially with high-intensity activities. Creatine also helps increase the body’s strength which leads to more favorable testosterone to cortisol ratio.

What formulas are best to take as a creatinine supplement?

According to the center of human nutrition weightlifters, creatine supplement helps to gain 2-6 and a half-pound lean body mass in just two months of constant usage. The two most familiar creatine products are Kre-alkaline, creatine monohydrate, and creatine HCL. These products prevent bloating and cramping and help gain muscles faster.

Researches recommend 3 grams per day creatine rather than full 5 grams if you are consistently taking it without any cycling. This is an effective supplement but according to research 20-30 percent of the population is resistant to creatine. It means they will not notice any significant changes in their muscle growth or bodybuilding. In this case, what are other supplements one should take? There are many other options for creatine products.

What Does Stats Say About Creatine Supplementation?

A journal indicates that over 500 research studies have evaluated to study the effects of creatine supplementation on muscle physiology and exercise capacity. Short-term creatine supplementation (e.g. 20 g/day for 5–7 days) has typically been reported to increase total creatine content by 10–30% and phosphocreatine stores by 10–40%.

Approximately 300 studies have evaluated the potential ergogenic value of creatine supplementation, about 70% of these studies report statistically significant results while the remaining studies generally report non-significant gains in performance. No study reports a statistically significant erotic effect.

Creatine plays a significant role in supplying energy to the cells and helps keep cellular functions in complete balance. Naturally, dairy products like milk, yogurt, meat, and eggs are the major sources of creatine.

7.   Pre-workout Supplements:

What Supplements Should I Take?
what supplements should i take?

These are effective workout supplements that help increase your strength and energy levels during workouts. They boost the energy and athletic performance of the body. It is the best option if you are also in a dilemma like others, what supplements should I take for working out? It maintains the overall performance of the body functions.

Every pre-workout brand has its list of ingredients, which means they differ slightly from others. While mostly, brands don’t disclose their ingredients. A survey report conducted in 2019 stated that the top 100 commercial pre-workout supplement brands available in the market were part of a “proprietary blend”, which means they didn’t disclose their list of ingredients.

However, high-quality pre-workout supplements typically contain the following ingredients.


First, Beta-Alanine, which plays role in delaying the onset of fatigue and increase muscular endurance.

Citrulline Malate:

Another ingredient is Citrulline Malate which increases the blood flow and improved faster recovery from any injury or stress in the body. Citrulline Malate gives a boost to the growth hormone in the body during a workout.


Another ingredient present in the pre-workout supplement is Caffeine. Caffeine gives a significant push to the body’s energy levels. It also enhances alertness and improves overall performance. A research study conducted in 2020 on 21 previously published meta-analyses shows that caffeine enhances muscle strength and endurance, lowers muscle fatigue, enhances aerobic endurance and jumping performance.

Creatie Monohydrate:

Creatie monohydrate is also a significant ingredient of pre-workouts. It enhances body mass and strength time. One study claims that creatine is an actual and most well-researched sports supplement in the past 20 years. Normal usage of creatine improves cognition, lowers the risks of developing heart issues and depression-related problems. It enhances the lean mass of the body with the help of water retention in the muscles which makes them look built and enhanced.

Experts recommend pre-workout supplements to the bodybuilders or muscle builders only 2-3 times a week to get the maximum benefits. Consuming it too often might make you completely dependent on them, and you can’t work out or feel sluggish without taking them. To avoid this issue, use pre-workout supplements only 2-3 times a week.

Most of the time people use any pre-workout supplement if they have been doing heavy exercises and workouts in the gym. The reason is they fell less zonked after consuming them, and they help the body in gaining strength, power, patience, and endurance. The chances of fatigue minimize by regularly using it.

Pre-workouts are rich sources of carbohydrates. The reason for the high carb amount is obvious- carbs provide the body with the quick energy it requires during heavy physical activity. It is a proper fuel for the muscles for gaining as much ATP as required.

It is recommended by experts that taking 30 to 60 grams of carbs per hour during heavy exercises or workouts simply rise the energy and endurance levels of the body’s skeletal muscles.

8.   Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

BCAAs are supplements for gaining muscles and bodybuilding. Heavy body with muscles and abs is a trend nowadays, along with that, the demand for BCAAs is also increasing day by day. What supplements should one take which are worth consuming? Indeed BCAAs are a safer and quicker option for getting heavy and good-looking muscles without leaving any side effects.

While you are in a calorie surplus and trying to build muscles, BCAAs are not necessary. But if your body is lacking in energy then BCAAs are quite beneficial for you.

Common Ingredients Of BCAA:

Branched-chain amino acids mainly consist of three kinds of amino acids; Leucine, isoleucine, and Valine. These are essential amino acids as they can’t be produced by the body and must be present in our diet. BCAAs are present 14-18% in the muscles hence keep them in a functional and active state. These amino acids have many significant functions in the body.

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BCAAs supplement is proven to build muscles, decrease muscle fatigue, enhance energy levels of the body and alleviate soreness in the muscles. They also treat liver disease and pathogenic inflammation.

BCAAs also control blood sugar levels and keep them in a normal range. These amino acids reduce the production of serotonin from the brain which is a leading cause of muscle fatigue during heavy exercise.

Leucine shows the maximum impact on muscle building and protein synthesis, while isoleucine and valine regulate blood glucose levels and the body’s energy productions.

Main Purpose Of Its Consumption:

The main purpose of consuming BCAAs during heavy workouts is their ability to decrease muscle fatigue. Scientific researches on the BCAA consumers indicate that bodybuilders taking BCAA supplement face 15% less fatigue than non-consumers of BCAA. Check out the survey.

What Supplements Should I Take?
what supplements should i take?

By the regular use of BCAA, muscle soreness is also relieved greatly. BCAA does this by lowering the levels of creatine kinase enzyme in the blood, which usually causes muscle damage. BCAAs lower the level of creatine kinase and protects the muscles from damage and also helps in recovery.

Detailed analysis on the functioning of BCAA is given as below:

What Supplements Should I Take?
what supplements should i take?
  • It indicates muscle soreness was relieved 33% among regular BCAA consumers.
  • 20% of the candidates performed better in strength-training tests than BCAA non-consumers.

BCAA is also involved in gaining muscle mass. Higher levels of leucine, isoleucine and valine in the supplement provide many significant benefits and help gain higher energy levels for an extreme workout.

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