Is It OK To Take Cranberry Pills Everyday?

Is It OK To Take Cranberry Pills Everyday?

Cranberries, like any other fruit, have the most exceptional benefits for humans. Cranberries are bright red-colored berries with a lovely look and numerous benefits. These berries are cultivated in many parts of the world.

Due to its considerable benefits, people formulate it as cranberry pills. So the user gets the benefits of cranberry in all seasons.

Besides that, cranberry pills offer an easy way to enjoy notable benefits of cranberry without the stress of buying and consuming them since cranberry pills have them all.

Do cranberry pills work? This article covers all the health aspects of cranberry pills, their side effects, cranberry vitamins benefits, and the recommended dose.

What are Cranberry Pills?

Cranberry pills are made from dried and powdered cranberries with the health benefits and flavors like fresh berries. Taking cranberry pills doesn’t require consuming the actual fruit daily. It is an easy way to substitute the benefits of cranberries.

Some of the companies of cranberry pills provide the same health benefits as fresh cranberries. These pills are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

It is unbelievable, but each cranberry pills serving has the same effect as a glass of pure cranberry juice. So cranberry pills are an easy way to get all the health benefits of cranberries around a year.

In this article, we’ll learn what does cranberry pills do, are cranberry pills good for you, their benefits, side effects, and dosages. So read ahead to learn more about it.

Do Cranberry Pills Contain Additional Items?

Is It OK To Take Cranberry Pills Everyday?

Specifics vary by brand as not all the pills carry additional ingredients. But most of the companies add other elements to enhance the flavor and effect of their medicine.

As cranberries are so tart, most of the recipes of cranberries contain added sugar. Cranberry sauce and cocktails include a lot of sugar to make it sweet and tasty.

The recommended dose of sugar intake for men and women is not more than 37 and 25 grams, respectively. An enhancement in sugar intake than this dose can be fatal.

But cranberry pills contain no sugar to make the tablets sweet. They use the organic cranberry’s taste and formulate it to make healthy capsules. It doesn’t even affect the taste and health aspects.

Hence it is a fantastic choice to take cranberry pills without the fear of consuming sugar.

Cranberry Pills Benefits:

Many people wonder about cranberry supplement benefits for an individual’s health. You must be thinking, “what are cranberry pills good for?” Here we have listed some worth telling benefits of cranberry pills.

Prevent UTIs:

What do cranberry pills help with? The drugs help prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs) as they contain potent compounds to make the urethra and ureter lining functional.

Besides that, cranberries contain Proanthocyanidins, which is helpful against E. coli growth in the bladder and urethra lining.

E. coli is known to cause infections when they grow and multiply inside the urinary tract.

Studies prove that regularly consuming cranberry pills loaded with proanthocyanidins for two months is a great way to treat UTIs or reduce their frequency.

Several other studies show the benefits of taking cranberry pills. A study shows that it helps prevent 25-35% of UTIs caused by bacteria other than E.coli.

Another study showed the effectiveness of these pills after looking at 13 journals and case studies that people had a reduced risk of developing UTIs when regularly consuming cranberry pills.

Another case study looked at a review examining 185 old ladies in a nursing home where they had been regularly feeding them cranberry tablets. The case study further shows the decrease in bacteria in their urine within six months of regular use.

Likewise, a research study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology looked at more than 150 post-surgery cases and found that cranberry pills effectively prevented UTIs.

Loaded With Antioxidants:

Cranberry pills are an incredible source of antioxidants that help protect your body from harmful free radicals and their damaging impacts.

Cranberries contain more antioxidants than other berries and seasonal fruits. That’s why it is best against free radicals.

They have such vitamins that fight against the damaging impacts of free radicals. These vitamins heal the person from stress and depression.

Along with that, cranberries have other compounds rich in antioxidants other than Vitamin E. Powdered cranberries contain an even higher amount of antioxidants than fresh ones.

That is why most doctors recommend cranberry pills to treat the damage that occurred due to free radicals.

Free radicals are known to cause chronic diseases like diabetes and heart non-functionality. They also cause oxidative stress, which may last longer than weeks.

Cranberry pills are a great way to provide the body with anti-oxidative properties. They help prevent oxidative stress and chronic illnesses.

Other Potential Benefits:

Treats Stomach Ulcer:

Cranberries have many health benefits against stomach ulcers. It maintains the pH of stomach juice and protects against bacterial infections in the pylorus region. It prevents cramps and eases bowel movements.

Improved Cholesterol Level:

Cranberry pills protect the heart against sudden stress, reduce inflammation and maintain cholesterol levels.

Increased cholesterol in the body can cause blockage of crucial arteries. Cranberry properties try to maintain good cholesterol in the blood and remove lousy cholesterol effectively.

Maintains Blood Sugar Level:

It also maintain blood glucose level and effectively treats diabetes.

Boosts Immunity and Fights Infections:

Common cold and flu are the significant seasonal ailments majority of the population faces. Taking cranberry pills enables the immune system to fight against infection-causing agents more efficiently.

Cranberries are rich in Vitamin C, which helps boost immunity and protects the user from viral and bacterial infections. These cranberry vitamins protect the users from flu and cold and enhance their quality of life.

Treats Cancer:

Cranberry pills have compounds that provide protection against cancer and slow down the growth of tumors.

Reduced Tooth Cavities:

It reduces tooth decay by treating cavities. Hence it makes the teeth and gums stronger.

The polyphenols present in cranberries have a supporting effect on the teeth as they fight bacteria in the mouth and prevent their growth.

Effective For Weight Loss:

Cranberry pills don’t contain any artificial sweetening or flavor. So the chances of gaining weight by supplementing cranberry pills are almost none.

Besides that, several studies have shown the efficacy of cranberry pills for weight loss. As the pills have polyphenols in them which are known to enhance the body’s metabolism, which eventually helps in weight loss.

That’s why many people use it during their weight loss journey.

Cranberry Pills Side Effects:

Is It OK To Take Cranberry Pills Everyday?

Cranberry pills are the best way to consume all the goodness of cranberries. But they also have some downsides like other medications.

  • People report an upset stomach after taking the pill. Some of the users say an upset digestive system along with the issue of increased urination.
  • As cranberries are high in salicylates, they may cause an allergic reaction in some individuals. So anyone allergic to salicylates should avoid using them.
  • Individuals with a history of developing kidney stones should avoid taking cranberry pills because it can further increase the risk of calcium oxalate stones.
  • Some cases have been reported of blood-thinning among individuals with Hb issues, so doctors recommend avoiding taking cranberry pills.

A journal published in 2012 reviews the symptoms shown in individuals that consume cranberry juice regularly. Some of the symptoms include headache, nausea, skin reaction, and frequent bowel movements.

Besides that, there are no reported cases of thrombocytopenia or blood platelet deficiency.

What Are Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)?

A urinary tract infection (UTI) primarily occurs in the kidneys, urethra, and urinary bladder.

UTIs are more common in women as their urinary tract is shorter compared to men. In America, almost 3 million people get infected with UTI each year.

Symptoms of a UTI include frequent urination, pain during urine discharge, and blood in the urine. Sometimes, a bladder infection is recognized with pelvic pain.

The patient can diagnose the ailment himself. Still, he mainly needs someone to diagnose it properly to detect the illness and treat it effectively.

Sometimes, people misinterpret an overactive bladder with UTI, so it is safe to consult a medical practitioner to diagnose it properly.

Treating UTIs is troublesome as there is the susceptibility of women developing more than one infection at a time.

Another issue is the increasing resistance of bacteria against antibiotics, which is a significant hurdle in treating UTIs.

Antibiotics and probiotics are both beneficial for bacterial infections in the urinary tract.

Some people want to opt for non-medicinal options having minimum side effects with maximum benefits. These herbal supplements might take some time, but the results are incredible without any harmful impact on the individual’s health.

Do cranberry pills help UTI? Regarding supplements, cranberries have been known best for maintaining the urinary system healthy and functional. Besides that, it is beneficial for treating UTIs effectively.

They are available in cranberry pills, which is a convenient way of consuming cranberries every day. It is a cost-effective, easy, and convenient method for treating or preventing UTIs.

Do All Cranberry Pills Prevent Urinary Tract Infections?

Is It OK To Take Cranberry Pills Everyday?

Cranberry pills are best to prevent UTIs, but it is less likely that they would treat an already existing urinary tract infection.

Many people wonder about “do cranberry pills help with UTI?” Obviously yes! But not all cranberry pills are beneficial to help UTI.

A journal published on April 19 says that proanthocyanidin is the main ingredient in cranberries. It helps prevent UTI by interfering with the growth and adherence of bacteria there.

Almost 36 mg of proanthocyanidins is enough daily for preventing UTI.

Not all cranberry capsules have proanthocyanidins in them. According to researchers, it depends on the product you choose, so choose the brand wisely.

What Research Shows?

Research occurred on the seven most popular cranberry supplement brands in the US, and the results were surprising.

Most cranberry pills contained a minor or almost negligible amount of proanthocyanidins, the most potent and active ingredient.

It shows the variety available in the market, making it difficult for the users to find the perfect formula.

Researchers have always looked for effective measures to treat UTIs as bacterial resistance and antibiotic overdose are problematic.

Cranberry pills can be proved an effective measure as they contain proanthocyanidins which prevent bacterial growth.

Hence, cranberry pills are an excellent choice for individuals who only want to treat their ailment with herbal elements.

But these supplements are not regulated by FDA, and there is no official standard for the required dose of proanthocyanidins. Hence, not all brands contain the needed quantity of proanthocyanidins or even any at all.

Several research reports on the top brands of cranberry pills for UTI showed the number of proanthocyanidins. Only one supplement had 175 mg per gram of this active compound.

Another supplement contained 25 mg/g of proanthocyanidins. Both these supplements showed effectiveness against bacterial growth in culture. The report doesn’t mention the brands.

So it is proved that not all cranberry pills are effective for UTI prevention as brands vary upon proanthocyanidins amount.

But on the whole, cranberries, either fresh or pills, are effective for UTI prevention. While treating a UTI, it is advisable to take cranberry pills daily and frequently. It would help the proanthocyanidins reach the site of bacterial growth.

Studies have also shown that cranberry pills made from cranberry juice are more effective rather than extracts. As most of the cranberry pills are made from leftover peels, they don’t seem as practical as those made from cranberry juice.

Cranberry Juice VS Cranberry Pills:

Cranberry pills are just as effective as fresh cranberry juice. Some people prefer fresh juice over tablets, while others find the drugs more convenient.

It doesn’t matter how you are using it. The important thing is you consume it regularly. Also, you must seek medical assistance before opting for it to discuss the potential side effects and daily dosage.

People have been using cranberries for years for treating UTIs and oxidative stress conditions. Cranberry gummies’ benefits are numerous. Cranberry pills contain the same effect as fresh cranberries.

The main thing is to figure out the daily dosage, which would be enough for treating the ailment.

Cranberry tablets are more concentrated than cranberry juice which means pills will provide enhanced benefits when consumed. But it may also increase the risk of developing associated side effects like kidney stones or diarrhea.

Cranberry juice has many added sweeteners and sugar, making it a little unhealthy for people with diabetes. In that case, pills are a great option as they don’t have any extra sugars or flavors.

Moreover, cranberry pills are cost-effective rather than cranberry juice.

If you consume cranberry juice, then the suggested amount is a whole glass having the capacity of 8 to 16 ounces of cranberry juice in it.

The suggested daily dose of cranberry pills by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is 300 to 400 mg.

The dosage of juice and pills can vary depending on the concentration and brand. But it is good to ask your doctor about the daily dosage that’s right for you.

Are Cranberry Pills More Effective Than Cranberry Juice For UTIs?

Cranberry juice and cranberry pills are essential sources of powerful antioxidants. They prevent E. coli growth in the urinary tract, remove free radicals and treat stomach ulcers effectively.

While cranberry juice has elements that prevent oral bacterial growth, treat dental plaque formation, and prevent cavities. Both the liquids and pills are beneficial in cancer treatment as well.

The cranberry juice you find at the grocery store is not practical to treat UTIs. It may be adequate to perfectly hydrate you or flush off the harmful bacteria from your urinary tract.

But the active ingredients of cranberries may take some time to reach the exact spot of bacterial growth for treating infection.

Proanthocyanidins block the adherence of bacteria to urinary tract walls. They interfere with bacterial ability to cause infection in the bladder or other sites.

Unfortunately, cranberry juices don’t contain proanthocyanidins. They are only present in cranberry capsules due to their concentration level.

Hence, an extremely high concentration of cranberry is required to reduce bacterial growth, their adherence to the inner lining, and treat UTIs.

Several studies have shown the efficacy of cranberry pills in UTI treatment and prevention. So we can say that cranberry pills are more effective than cranberry juice for UTI treatment.

Can You Take Cranberry Pills Everyday?

You might be thinking, “Is it ok to take cranberry pills everyday?” or about the daily recommended dosage of the cranberry pills, you can take.

But let me remind you, there is no standard of the daily dosage. It typically depends upon the tablets you choose.

Moreover, the FDA doesn’t regulate them as supplements, so there is no official recommended dosage. That’s why the size of your serving dramatically depends upon the brands you are choosing, so choose wisely.

You can also consult your physician or health practitioner for the daily suggested dose according to your health condition. He can better tell you about the side effects of the pills and determine whether you need them or not.

How many mg of cranberry pills per day is enough for preventing UTIs?

Medical researchers recommend taking 1500 mg of cranberry per day, either fresh or powdered, to prevent UTIs. At the same time, 1200 mg of cranberry powder or juice is enough for reducing oxidative stress in an individual.

It is sometimes taken as the daily recommended dosage of cranberry pills as well.

But some brands don’t contain more than 1200 mg of cranberry. A higher dose can irritate and probably show side effects. So 1200 mg is the market dosage of cranberry added in a cranberry tablet.

Some brands exceed it, so if you have UTI, then we’ll suggest you find a brand with 1500 mg of dried cranberries in it.

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But is 15,000 mg of cranberry too much? How much amount proanthocyanidins is safe?

Some people search about the safe dosage of cranberry pills and proanthocyanidins for daily intake.

As we know, proanthocyanidins are one of the active ingredients of cranberry pills, and different companies’ medications have different saturation levels of this compound.

Manufacturers and medical experts recommend 1200-1500 mg of cranberry as the safe amount for daily intake. Any higher dose than the recommended one can cause severe side effects.

Supplement experts present some facts that show the effectiveness of cranberry pills having a 25% saturation level of proanthocyanidins per serving.

It is sometimes regarded as the ideal dosage been recommended by medical experts and nutritionists.

What Should Be The Precautionary Measures While Cranberry’s Supplementation?

Cranberry supplement contains dried and powdered cranberries with no added sugar or flavors. It doesn’t cast a harmful impact when taken.

There are some side effects shown in some individuals, as we listed earlier. Besides that, you can take some preventive measures while cranberry supplementation.

  • Please consult your physician before using it.
  • Check out the ingredients list of the pill. If you are allergic to any of the components, don’t use them. You can also look for a particular brand with no such allergic element.
  • Drink plenty of water while supplementing cranberries to stay hydrated.
  • Don’t overdose on the pills, or in case of overdose, seek medical assistance.
  • Properly chew the pill before swallowing it.
  • Individuals with a history of kidney stones should avoid using it as it can worsen the condition.
  • Don’t use different forms (juices, pills, fresh ones) of cranberries simultaneously, or you may overdose on it.
  • Pregnant or lactating women should consume it upon the doctor’s recommendation.
  • Although cranberry pills are effective for UTI treatment, they shouldn’t replace the conventional methods to treat the infection.

Can I Take Cranberry Pills While Pregnant?

Cranberries have many health benefits for preventing UTIs, and they have been used for years for this purpose.

Pregnant women are at higher risk of developing UTIs, so it is beneficial to take cranberry pills during pregnancy.

Pregnancy highly increases the risk of UTIs due to uterus growth which can cause numerous changes in the urinary tract. In just 24 weeks of pregnancy, uterus growth is so immense that it blocks the urine drainage from the bladder.

So the urinary tract is more susceptible to bacterial and fungal growth. It can lead to UTI, and eventually, a kidney infection can occur.

If left untreated, it can cause the pregnancy to be more complex and uneasy. It can even lead to early childbirth with low birth weight. Pregnancy can be made a lot easier if the UTI is treated effectively.

Always consult your gynecologist before taking any medication or supplement during the pregnancy.

Do Health Practitioners Recommend Taking Cranberry Supplements?

It is a perspective that taking herbal supplements with great care and under the doctor’s supervision during pregnancy is suitable for both the mother and the baby. However many health professionals don’t recommend taking organic health supplements during pregnancy.

However, all health professionals recommend cranberry juice, pills, and even fresh ones due to their exceptional benefits.

Doctors also admire the cranberry pill’s benefits for vag and recommend it for weight loss along with fitspresso.

Do Cranberry Pills Interact With Other Medications?

Is It OK To Take Cranberry Pills Everyday?

If your doctor suggests cranberry pills, he must be aware that you are already going on medication. Never start taking any medicine alongside another one without consulting your physician.

Cranberry pills don’t have any known side effects, but they may moderately interact with other medicines. So when you consult a doctor for a recommendation, tell him all the products you use.

Keep a list of the pills and show him to better suggest to you about the new supplementation.

Bottom Line:

Cranberry extract pills are a great way to substitute cranberries and their effectiveness in an accurate manner. Moreover, they have many health benefits, including stomach ulcers prevention, blood sugar control, and immune-boosting properties.

It also helps prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs) and reduce oxidative stress with its anti-oxidative properties. In addition, they support a healthy heart and protect teeth from cavities.

Besides that, we also learned that the dosage of up to 1500 is safe for individuals willing to get maximum benefits of cranberry supplements. A dosage of more than this can be a little upsetting for the stomach.

In addition, people with kidney stones should avoid using it.

Likewise, we studied cranberry pills benefit females, their role in pregnancy and preventing UTIs among women.

That was the bottom line and the whole summary of the article. Lastly, you can get cranberry pills online or in leading local stores as well. Choose the brand wisely, or consult your health practitioner before opting for any medication.

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