10 Best Supplements For Hair Growth In Women

best supplements for hair regrowth

The article is all about the best supplements for hair growth in women.

Many people consider a person’s hair to be an indication of their health or attractiveness if it is in good condition. All parts of your body require a variety of nutrients to function properly, including your hair. As a matter of fact, a number of dietary inadequacies have been related to hair loss.

Hair that seems healthy to the eye is a gesture of good health or even attractiveness. Hair, like many other body parts, needs a range of ingredients to be strong and healthy. Nutritional deficiency is a contributing factor in hair loss in many studies.

Despite the fact that the best supplements for hair growth in women do not hasten hair regrowth, vitamin deficiencies may cause hair loss or weak, fragile hair. Keeping your hair healthy may be as simple as taking enough of each supplement.

If you’re looking for hair regrowth, the best nutritional supplements are in fact vitamins. You can purchase vitamin pills or tablets to make sure your body is getting enough of each one.

Causes of hair loss in women

Hair loss is a normal process of life after which the body is regenerated. Hair has a life cycle as well as the skin and nails. They are born, remain active for some time, and then undergo a rest period to start another “life” again.

This process of hair loss is related to hormonal alterations of the body, especially estrogen, which are generated during puberty. Menopause also generates changes in the body that cause more damage to the structure and appearance of different tissues, including hairs. Stress or malnutrition can also cause you to lose more hair than usual.

Vitamins are an important part of your diet if you want strong, healthy hair. Biotin may also aid in the process of growing back or preventing more thickening of your hair.

Here are some of the best supplements for hair growth in women:

1. Zenwise Probiotics

best supplements for hair regrowth

Probiotics are bacteria that naturally live within the body both inside and outside of the intestinal tract. Although there has not been clinical research on how probiotics affect hair growth. Population studies have shown that there is a link between strong immune system function and healthy follicles.

The digestive tract houses over 1,000 different species of beneficial bacteria. So, there is likely to be some benefit to your hair by nourishing the flora within.

Probiotics are available as cultured yogurts, drinks, nutritional supplements, and pill forms. Check with your doctor before adding any new supplement to your diet plan.

The supplement is a good choice for the best supplements for hair growth in women.

How Does It Work?

The body contains both good and bad bacteria. Certain health issues like chemotherapy, stress reactions, or poor diet can disturb the ratio of these.

The beneficial flora can be an important part of preventing many diseases through digestive tract support. Probiotics act as a shield to support our immune system from outside invaders.


  • Probiotics help hair regrow faster by strengthening the immune system. When your body is not getting an adequate supply of good bacteria, it becomes less efficient in fighting off outside invaders like free radicals and environmental toxins that can damage hair follicles.


  • You should take the supplement with caution if you have a compromised immune system such as HIV, AIDS, or other types of autoimmune disorders. Allergic reactions may also occur in those who are sensitive to yeast.

Side Effects & Safety

The benefits of probiotics far outweigh the risks for most people. But the bacteria can cause bloating, diarrhea, or nausea in some individuals. Side effects are usually mild and subside after taking for a few weeks.

Dosage & Instructions

The general dosage of probiotics for healthy individuals is anywhere from one billion to 10 billion colony forming units (CFU) daily. The amount may vary depending on your individual needs and current state of health. So, it’s important to check with a professional before taking any supplement.

2. Derma-Iron Supplement

best supplements for hair regrowth

Iron helps carry oxygen throughout the bloodstream helping each cell function properly. A lack of it can lead to hair loss, fatigue, and general malaise.

How Does It Work?

The body needs a range of nutrients to function properly. Iron is an important part of red blood cell production which carries oxygen throughout the body. Hair strands are made from a protein found in the blood. They need a good supply of iron to be healthy and sturdy.

Iron supplements are only necessary in severe cases where there is a deficiency but they can also come from your diet.

Red meat, eggs, poultry, and seafood contain the highest amounts of iron per serving. However, vegetarians and vegans may need to turn to supplements or fortified foods like cereals and grains.


  • Iron supplements are inexpensive and often accessible. A lack of iron can cause hair thinning. So, getting enough through these pills or your diet can cure the problem quickly.


  • If you are already getting an adequate amount of iron from your food, then taking these supplements will more than likely be overkill. Iron oversupply can also cause problems like constipation, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Too much iron can also build up in the liver over time which leads to hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis).

Side Effects & Safety

The majority of people do not experience any side effects when taking iron supplements. However, some may experience stomach pain or cramps. When taking a daily supplement it is important to not take too much or you might overdo it.

Dosage & Instructions

Take iron supplements on an empty stomach with water only. The recommended dosage will vary depending on your age and gender but can range from 10-50mg daily.

3. Natures Crafts Pure Zinc

best supplements for hair regrowth

There are many benefits to getting enough zinc which include better brain function, healthier skin, and a stronger immune system. It may even prevent hair loss and promote hair growth! How does it do this exactly? Let’s find out the answer below.

It is one of the best supplements for hair growth in women.

How Does It Work?

Zinc is a mineral that is essential to the body and helps regulate cellular activity by supporting DNA synthesis. Its deficiency causes hair loss. Zinc also plays a role in regulating cell division and growth which can help hair regrow faster.

Zinc deficiencies can be due to low levels of proteins that your body needs to absorb properly. People who suffer from intestinal problems like Crohn’s or celiac disease may also be more susceptible to getting a zinc deficiency.

Side Effects & Safety

Zinc is very safe and one can take it as a daily supplement. However, those who are looking to treat a cold, the flu, or the common cold should only take it for 10 days since their symptoms will resolve on their own after a little while.

Zinc is also safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but it’s important to talk to your doctor before taking any supplements if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

Dosage & Instructions

The recommended dosage of zinc for adults is around 15mg daily with food. In order to get rid of a cold, the flu, or the common cold you should take between 20-50mg for no more than 10 days.

4. Nature’s Bounty Niacin

best supplements for hair regrowth

Niacin is not just for treating or preventing high cholesterol. It can also help you have healthy hair, skin, and nails!

How Does It Work?

Also known as vitamin B3, niacin plays an important role in metabolizing the body’s fats and maintaining its cells. Fatty acids are important building blocks for healthy hair, skin, and nails. So, getting enough niacin is vital if you want to have them at their best.

Niacin deficiencies are rare but pregnancy or malnutrition can be a cause since the body needs an adequate supply of them. People who suffer from diabetes or alcoholism are also more susceptible to lower levels of niacin.

Side Effects & Safety

Taking high doses of niacin for 10-14 days can lead to uncomfortable side effects like nausea, flushing, itching, and stomach pain. If you are currently taking any medications or supplements it’s important to see your doctor before taking niacin since it could interact with them.

Dosage & Instructions

Recommended daily dosage is 20-50mg per day. If you are planning on taking 100mg at one time, make sure you spread out it over the course of the day instead of all at once to minimize side effects.

5. NeoCell Keratin Hair Booster

best supplements for hair regrowth

Keratin hair booster is a supplement that can help with hair loss, thinning hair, and split ends. It is made of protein-rich nutrients like keratin which are great for strengthening the hair.

Undoubtedly, one of the best supplements for hair growth in women is NeoCell Keratin.

How Does It Work?

Keratin proteins help restore damaged areas of the hair cuticle to make them feel smoother and look shinier by penetrating the surface of the hair. This is the reason why people with naturally curly hair tend to have healthier, stronger hair since it protects them from environmental damage.

Keratin deficient diets are rare but can be caused by malnutrition or anorexia due to a lack of protein in the diet. Those who suffer from celiac disease may also get lower levels of keratin since the intestines can destroy it.

Side Effects & Safety

Taking keratin for a prolonged amount of time may cause nausea, vomiting, itching, and an upset stomach. If you have any health conditions or are taking any medications it is important to talk to your doctor before taking keratin hair booster supplements.

Dosage & Instructions

The recommended daily dosage of keratin is around 4-7mg.

6. Bronson Vitamin A

best supplements for hair regrowth

Vitamin A is crucial in maintaining normal vision, immune system function, and healthy skin and hair.

How Does It Work?

Vitamin A helps the body’s cells reproduce which makes it vital for keeping your skin looking healthy since it keeps it lubricated and protected from environmental damage. The same goes for your eyes since it’s vitamin A that keeps them healthy by removing waste from the retina.

Your diet plays an important role in getting enough vitamin A since foods like beef liver, dairy, fish, and dark leafy greens are a source of it. So, not getting enough of this nutrient can lead to eye problems or night blindness.

Vitamin A deficiencies are also common due to poor nutrition which is why it’s important to get enough vitamins in your diet.

Side Effects & Safety

Taking large doses of vitamin A can lead to nausea or an upset stomach so take it with food and plenty of water to minimize side effects.

Dosage & Instructions

Recommended daily dosage of vitamin A is around 700-900mcg. To get this amount through your diet is good to eat two servings per day of foods like beef liver, carrots, dairy, or dark leafy greens.
Taking larger doses for a long period of time can be toxic so make sure not to take any more than the recommended daily dosage.

7. Nutricost Biotin

best supplements for hair regrowth

Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin that’s necessary for your body to function. It makes the hair regrow faster as well as increases nail strength.

Biotin is an essential vitamin for your hair since it helps make the keratin needed to grow healthier, stronger hair. Not getting enough biotin can lead to brittle nails and hair loss so make sure you get enough of this nutrient in your diet or through supplements like biotin.

Add Nutricost Biotin to your list of one of the best supplements for hair growth in women.

How Does It Work?

It supports healthy metabolic, digestive, and nervous system functions by converting food into energy. Additionally, biotin can help cells repair themselves which helps with faster wound healing.

Deficiencies in biotin are very rare but people who take certain antibiotics may become deficient if they destroy healthy bacteria in the body that keeps biotin levels high.

Also, common causes of low levels of biotin are malnutrition or anorexia since not getting enough of it can lead to dry skin, hair loss, and depression.

Side Effects & Safety

Taking biotin supplements may cause an upset stomach or nausea so you should always take them with food and plenty of water to minimize side effects.

If you are currently taking any medications talk to your doctor before taking biotin since they could interact with them.

Dosage & Instructions

It is recommended to take around 30mcg of biotin per day. Taking larger doses for a long period of time can be toxic so make sure not to take any more than the recommended daily dosage.

8. Nutricost Vitamin B6

best supplements for hair regrowth

Vitamin B6 is related to helping the hair regrow in a way that helps it grow thicker, healthier, and stronger. This is because vitamin B6 helps produce the amino acids that are needed to make keratin which also makes up your hair.

It can also help keep your nails healthy by stimulating nail growth since they are made of the same material as your hair – keratin.

How Does It Work?

To function properly, your body needs vitamin B6 which helps produce red blood cells and promotes a healthy immune system. Additionally, it’s important for brain function and can help with mental focus.

Like vitamin B12, vitamin B6 is essential for the metabolism of every cell in your body since it helps break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates into energy that your body needs to function properly.

Also, it also helps keep your immune system strong so you can stave off infections which are especially important during the winter season.

Getting enough vitamin B6 in your diet is important since it can be found in foods like bananas, spinach, potatoes, tuna, seeds, and lentils. If you are deficient in this vitamin it can lead to anemia which makes you tired all the time, heart problems, depression, confusion, or loss of appetite.

Side Effects & Safety

Taking vitamin B6 supplements may cause an upset stomach, nausea, and diarrhea so you should always take them with food and plenty of water to minimize side effects.

If you are currently taking any medications talk to your doctor before taking it since they could interact with them.

Dosage & Instructions

It is recommended to take between 1.3mg to 2mg of vitamin B6 per day.
Eating large amounts for a long period of time can be toxic so make sure not to take any more than the recommended daily dosage.

9. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder

best supplements for hair regrowth

Collagen protein powder comes from the collagen found in animal bones and skin. Collagen is very similar to keratin which both help with hair, nail, and skin health so it’s no surprise that this ingredient helps all three considerably.

How Does It Work?

Collagen protein powder is made of 100% pure collagen which can help to make your hair, nails, and skin healthier. Collagen actually accounts for around 30% of all protein found in the human body so it’s extremely important to healthy cellular development.

This specifically includes new tissue like the ones on your scalp, nail beds, or cuticles that keep them strong and healthy-looking.

Collagen is also a type of protein that your body doesn’t have the enzymes to break down, so it’s not absorbed into the bloodstream. Instead, it gets directly applied to your skin, hair, or nails where it can help strengthen them from within by promoting new cell growth.

For this reason, collagen is considered a “cellular nutrient” because it provides the same benefits to your skin as eating food with the same nutrients would.


Collagen is also great for helping keep your hair, nails & skin healthy since not only does it promote new cell growth but it is rich in vitamin C which helps protect cells from damage that can lead to cancer or heart disease.

Vitamin A helps turn food into energy, and it provides your body with all 9 amino acids that can’t be created by the human body alone.

Side Effects & Safety

There are no known side effects or warnings for taking collagen protein powder. However, make sure to talk to your doctor if you plan on taking any other supplements or medications to ensure there won’t be a negative interaction.

Dosage & Instructions

Most manufacturers recommend taking one scoop of collagen protein powder per day and mixing it with water, juice, or a smoothie. Even though this is the standard dosage for most collagen protein powders you can adjust it as needed.

If you start to feel sick or lightheaded then stop taking collagen and talk to your doctor as soon as possible. Most people aren’t likely to experience any problems when taking collagen protein powder but you still want to make sure you’re completely safe.

10. Nutrafol

Nutrafol for hair regrowth is a patented formula that contains 13 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and fatty acids to help the body naturally produce the necessary proteins it requires for healthy hair growth.

The core of Nutrafol’s formula is Biotin which provides your body with all of the essential nutrients needed to keep your hair healthy and strong during both its growing phase and its resting phase.

Nutrafol is a supplement made from all-natural ingredients that claim to help you have more energy, improve mood, and increase mental focus. It’s basically a daily vitamin for your brain so it can help keep your mind as healthy as the rest of your body.

Hence, Nutrafol is your go-to supplement and is one of the best supplements for hair growth in women.

How Does It Work?

Nutrafol contains an ingredient called Cerefolin NAC which is a clinically proven formula that has been shown to increase the amount of oxygen and blood flow to your hair follicles allowing them to produce stronger, healthier hair.

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This will help keep your scalp healthy which means you won’t have as many issues with dry skin or dandruff that can lead to hair loss problems.

Nutrafol also contains N-acetyl cysteine which helps produce the powerful antioxidant called glutathione. Glutathione is actually the most potent antioxidant in the human body so this ingredient will help protect your cells from free radical damage that can lead to skin or hair problems.


  • Nutrafol is made from all-natural ingredients so you shouldn’t experience any negative side effects when taking this supplement. Biotin is also considered to be very safe even in higher doses so as long as you don’t take too much of it there should be no cause for concern.


  • Nutrafol only has a few ingredients which means that they aren’t able to offer as many benefits as some of their competitors. In order to see the best results, you’ll need to take Nutrafol daily which can make it slightly more expensive than other hair growth supplements.

Side Effects & Safety 

There are no known side effects or warnings for taking Nutrafol so you probably won’t need to worry about experiencing any problems when taking this supplement.

However, just like with any other medication or supplement you will want to talk to your doctor before taking it if you have a pre-existing health condition or if you’re currently taking other medications just to be on the safe side.

Dosage & Instructions 

Most manufacturers recommend taking two pills per day for best results but you can adjust this as needed.

Tips to Reduce Hair Fall in Women

Best supplements for hair growth in women cannot only do all the wonders. You have to try the tips given blow if you seriously want to reduce your hairfall.

  • Increase consumption of healthy fats, especially omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Use organic or all natural shampoos and conditioners to prevent further scalp irritation.
  • Reduce stress levels in your life to minimize the harmful effects on your hair.
  • Natural oils are best for massaging into your scalp. Make sure you are applying enough to prevent hair loss.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits in your daily diet to get the required vitamins and minerals for healthy hair.
  • Be sure to brush or comb your hair when damp, not dry, to avoid breakage.
  • Make sure your hair is properly moisturized and conditioned, especially during the winter months.

Take Away

Hair that isn’t in good health may seem dull and brittle rather than bouncy and shiny. Hair loss that occurs in patches or in large clumps may be a sign of something more serious.

Dermatitis, psoriasis, and skin cancer are among conditions that may result in hair loss. There are a variety of other factors that may contribute to hair loss, including alopecia areata, and other medical complications in women.

Women who are predisposed to malnutrition may benefit from these best supplements for hair growth in women since they may help them avoid further complications.

By eliminating split ends and reducing the weight of the hair, frequent haircuts may help keep your hair appearing young and healthy. To lessen the effect on the scalp’s roots, do this. Hair development depends on a healthy scalp.

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